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Yamaha THR10C

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(به علت نوسانات نرخ ارز، قیمت نهایی نیست)
 تلفن : 02166738678-همراه : 09120307553
تماس برای خرید توليد کننده: YAMAHAYAMAHA

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  • ارسال رایگان برای خرید بیش از ۳۰۰،۰۰۰ تومان
  • یک هفته مهلت تست سلامت کالا

Yamaha THR10C آمپلی فایر گیتار

10-watt 1-channel 2x3" Battery-powered Stereo Guitar Combo Amplifier with Built-in Amp Models, Effects, User Setting Recall, 3-band EQ, and USB


مشخصات دستگاه

اطلاعات فنی

نوع آمپلی فایر

Solid State

تعداد کانال


توان خروجی


سایز اسپیکر

2 x 3




3-band EQ

ورودی ها

1 x TS, 1 x 1/8" (Aux)

خروجی ها


طول دستگاه

140 میلیمتر

عرض دستگاه

360 میلیمتر

ارتفاع دستگاه

183.5 میلیمتر

وزن دستگاه

2.8 کیلوگرم


  • An amazing portable guitar amp that's ideal for practicing, songwriting, and recording
  • Deluxe, Class A, U.S. Blues, Brit Blues, and Mini amp emulation settings
  • Acoustic guitar, bass, and bypass modes
  • Plug in your bass or acoustic guitar, or bypass the modeling section entirely
  • 4 modulation effects and 4 independent reverb/delay effects give you a wide range of tones
  • Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology delivers extremely realistic sound and feel
  • 3-band EQ lets you further tweak your tone to perfection
  • Runs on supplied AC adapter or 8 AA batteries for up to 6 hours of continuous playing time
  • USB connection provides 2 channels of recording/playback to or from your computer
  • Dual 3.15" speakers provide stereo audio for internal effects and auxiliary/computer audio playback
  • Free (downloadable) THR Editor lets you tweak additional parameters of your amp models/effects
  • Noise gate and compressor accessed via THR Editor
  • Headphone output with adjustable aux input/amplifier output control
  • 5 user settings buttons let you take your favorite tone with your anywhere for instant recall
  • Includes Steinberg's Cubase AI recording software

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     تلفن : 02166738678    همراه : 09120307553