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PreSonus NSB 16.8

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  • ارسال رایگان برای خرید بیش از ۳۰۰،۰۰۰ تومان
  • یک هفته مهلت تست سلامت کالا

The PreSonus® NSB 16.8 is a 16-in, 8-out stage box that's engineered to work smoothly and seamlessly with PreSonus StudioLive® Series III mixers. It offers 16 remote-controlled mic/line inputs, featuring remote-controlled XMAX preamps with gain compensation for shared input situations, plus 8 XLR line outputs, and all packed into a rugged steel enclosure. Onboard 2-port AVB switch allows for multi-unit chaining.



مشخصات دستگاه

اطلاعات فنی

نوع میکسر

Rugged stage box enclosure

تعداد کانال

32x8 AVB (16 direct input channels + 16 gain-compensated input channels)

تعداد ورودی میکروفون

16 Mic / line inputs (combo jacks, XLR / jack)

تعداد ورودی آنالوگ (Line In)

16 remote-controllable XMAX preamps

دیگر ورودی ها

32x8 AVB (16 direct input channels + 16 gain-compensated input channels)

خروجی اصلی

8 locking XLR line outputs

دیگر خروجی ها


خروجی هدفون


Send/Return I/O


فانتوم پاور


تعداد باندهای اکولایزر EQ Bands


AUX Sends






Channel Insert




پورت اتصال به کامپیوتر



  • For StudioLive Series III mixing consoles
  • 16 Mic / line inputs (combo jacks, XLR / jack)
  • 16 Remote-controllable XMAX Class A mic preamps
  • 48 Volt phantom power with 16 status LEDs
  • Gain compensation for shared use
  • 8 Line outputs (XLR)
  • Mute All button
  • 2 AVB Ethernet ports with locking RJ45 sockets
  • Connection to the console via a CAT5e or CAT6 cable
  • Cascadable via AVB (daisy chain)
  • Can also be operated via control software "UC Surface"
  • Interlocking IEC power socket
  • Robust steel housing

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