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Laney LX35R

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(به علت نوسانات نرخ ارز، قیمت نهایی نیست)
 تلفن : 02166738678-همراه : 09120307553
تماس برای خرید توليد کننده: LANEYLANEY

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Laney LX35R آمپلی فایر گیتار

The LX range takes its design cues from the more aggressive side of life – dark & brooding.



Features include spring reverb, global EQ, CD input, headphone socket and a 1x10" custom speaker external speaker socket to connect up a larger cabinet such as the LX412A to move from rehearsal to stage use. Also check out the LX35 and LX35D non-reverb and digital effects equipped versions.

Power RMS 30 Watts

Inputs 1x Jack

Channels 2 (Clean and Distortion)

Equalisation Global Bass, Mid and Treble

Reverb Yes

Line Out No

Footswitch FS2 (Not Included)

Speaker connections 1x Jack (4 Ohms External)

FX Loop(s) No

Drivers 1x10" Custom Driver

Cabinet Design Black metal corners, gloss metal grille and rubber feet

Master Effects Level Controls No

Effects No

Headphone Socket Yes

CD Input Yes (Phono)

Kick Proof Metal Grill Yes

Weight 12.25 Kg

Dimensions (mm) 405 x 380 x 230

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     تلفن : 02166738678    همراه : 09120307553