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IBANEZ S5470F BH گیتار الکتریک

The new S Prestige models take what the S is known for—fast, fat mahogany tone without the fat mahogany weight—and augments those qualities at every level!” explained Shogo Hayashi of Ibanez


مشخصات دستگاه

اطلاعات فنی

جنس بدنه | Body

Mahogany with a beautiful flamed maple top

جنس صفحه انگشت گذاری | Fretboard


جنس چوب دسته | Neck

Maple / walnut, 5-pc

نوع و تعداد فرت | Frets

24, jumbo

پیک آپ بالا | Neck Pickup

1x Ibanez HGD1 (neck) humbucker

پیک آپ وسط | Middle Pickup

1x Ibanez ST2 (middle) singlecoil

پیک آپ پایین | Bridge Pickup

1x Ibanez HGD2 (bridge) humbucker

نوع بریج (خرک) | Bridge

Ibanez ZR-2 tremolo with Ibanez ZPS3

نوع اتصال دسته به بدنه | Neck Joint


نوع صدف کاری دسته | Inlays


نوع قرارگیری پیک آپ ها | Pickup Config.


کنترل ها | Controls

1x volume, 1x tone, 5-way switch

پیک آپ سلکتور | Pickup Switching


مدل بدنه | Body Shape


طول دسته | Scale Length

648 میلیمتر

جنس نات | Nut Material

FR-style locking nut


  • The lightest and most elegant model by Ibanez, with absolutely professional features and an outstanding price-quality relation.
  • Finish: Black Haze, with Cosmo Black hardware.
  • Body: Mahogany with a beautiful flamed maple top.
  • Neck: Maple / walnut, 5-pc. "Super Wizard HP" neck profile. Bolt-on neck construction - this enables a fast, precise attack response, while retaining a full, "fat" tone.
  • Scale: 25.5" - Standard.
  • Fretboard: Rosewood, with discreet "Offset-Dot" inlays of pearloid & abalone - a very classy looking instrument!
  • Frets: 24, Jumbo - with a perfect fretjob, another famous feature of Ibanez instruments.
  • Nut: 43 mm - FR-style locking nut.
  • Headstock: Ibanez RG-style - matching the body finish.
  • Tuners: Orig. Gotoh.
  • Bridge: Orig. Ibanez ZR-2 tremolo with Ibanez ZPS3 - this unique tremolo is, thanks to its ball-bearing mechanism incredibly smooth to handle. Furthermore, the ZR-2 tremolo comes with extra features, such as the built-in intonation adjustment tool and the arm-holder adjustment screw. The Ibanez ZPS3 (Zero Point System) made of Duralumin prevents the typical tuning problems of a locking tremolosystem. By easy deinstallation, a floating setup is possible.
  • Pickups: 1x Ibanez HGD1 (neck) humbucker, 1x Ibanez ST2 (middle) singlecoil, 1x Ibanez HGD2 (bridge) humbucker. This combination is very versatile, provides lots of gain for aggressive sounds as well as crispy clean sounds with the singlecoil in the middle-position.
  • Alternatively, upon request of the purchaser, we can also perform a professional installation of a different pickup combination, e.g. any DiMarzio, EMG or Seymour Duncan etc. (Very fair prices per pickup swap). Furthermore, we offer installation of active boost and EQ circuits like EMG Afterburner, PA-2, SPC, RPC, VMC, EXG etc. Please ask for details if interested.
  • Electronics: 1x volume, 1x tone, 5-way switch.
  • Excellent quality of selected woods, craftsmanship, handling and sound!
  • The guitar comes in an original Ibanez formfit hardcase & with factory accessories.

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