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Dynacord XA2 PRO FIR Systems 1

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The XA2-PRO - SL2400 system is a very cost-effective configuration dedicated for fixed installation applications. The loudspeaker processing is carried out by a DSP 600 sound system processor including complete FIR-drive.

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  • The XA2-PRO System is a professional tool for rental companies to solve tasks which address up to 1000 people or distances up to 50 meters in a very efficient way.
  • Whether on a village fair, smaller open-air festivals, mobile DJ events or within a big marquee, the XA2-PRO is the ideal tool to serve variable applications in an efficient way to the greatest satisfaction of audiences and hosts.
  • The whole system is set up and turn down with little effort and due to the casters it can be very easily transported.
  • The high sensitivity of the transducers provides very high SPL combined with maximum operational safety.
  • The XA2-PRO system’s main features – high sound pressure levels from compact enclosures, extremely convenient handling, and the ultimate sonic performance at a very reasonable price – will continue to be a benchmark. All cabinets have a new heavy-duty structured lacquer surface and a solid-steel front grille matching the latest Dynacord enclosure design.


  • Nominal impedance: 8Ω
  • Program power: 700W
  • Maximum SPL:134dB
  • Frequency range:120–19000Hz
  • Product dimensions(WxHxD):600mmx610mmx814mm
  • weight:49.5kg


  • Nominal impedance: 8Ω
  • Program power: 1200W
  • Maximum SPL:132dB
  • Frequency range:30–150 Hz
  • Product dimensions(WxHxD):610mmx905mm x814mm
  • weight:54.3kg

SL 2400:

  • Input Impedance (balanced): 20 kΩ
  • Maximum bridged output 4Ω: 3600 Watts
  • Maximum bridged output 8Ω: 2400 Watts
  • Dimensions(WxHxD):483mmx88.1mmx421.5mm
  • weight:17.7kg

DSP 600:

  • Analog Inputs:Two XLR,Two XLR THRU OUT
  • Analog Outputs:Six XLR
  • Digital Inputs:1 XLR AES/EBU (2Ch)
  • Frequency Response:20 Hz-22kHz±0.5dB
  • Input Impedance(Balanced):10 kΩ
  • Output Impedance(Balanced):50 Ω
  • Dimensions(WxHxD):482.6mmx44.2mmx355.6.5mm
  • Weight:4.6kg

صدا سنتر -  دفتر ارسال: خیابان جمهوری - بین پل حافظ و چهارراه استانبول -روبروی هتل نادری -کوچه گوهرشاد -پلاک 17

     تلفن : 02166738678    همراه : 09120307553